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Computer Science Topics For A Computer Science Paper

Need to write a paper for your computer science class, not sure what to write on? We have some suggestions for you:

What is LDA?

LDA is a method of classifying objects and computer documents based on their subject matter. How is this relevant to computer science, what advances have been made recently in LDA?

How Can We Simplify Data Processing?

Every day computer scientists are looking for new ways to compress data. What are some of the latest advances being made? What does it mean for the future of data sharing and storing?

The Structure of a Search Engine

Describe how search engines work. What is the history of the search engine? How have search engines changed the way that we gather and collect information?

Image Searching Using Facial Identification

Facial identification and images searching is an important technology being used to day. What are some of the benefits to this? How does this technology work? What flaws does it have?

Advances in Artificial Technology

New artificial intelligence technology is being worked on- what does this mean for the world? What are some of the main intentions for developing this technology?

Programming Chances in the Last Decade

How have basic programming principles advanced in the last 10 years. Where are they going in the future?

Even Faster Networks is it possible?

Have we maxed out the potential for network speeds or is their still advances to be made? Discuss the future of network technology- what does this mean, what kind of potential are we looking at?

Technology and Modern Medicine

Talk about the connection between today’s computer science and modern medicine. What interesting advances are being made? What technology could be developed?

Computing in A Green Age?

Is computer technology eco-friendly? How can we make it more so? What is the environmental impact that technology has?

What is Cloud Technology?

Describe the new cloud technology, how does it work? What does the advancement of this technology mean for data sharing and storage?

Nanotechnology 101

Explain some of the recent advancements in nanotechnology; what does this mean for the future? How is nanotechnology currently being used?

Social Media: How it has Effected Programming

There is no denying that the popularity of social media has sped up the website technology. How much of an influence has SM technology had in this area. What can we anticipate in the future?

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Writing a term paper

Any ideas or concepts you use while writing should be written clearly. This means try to continue your idea and provide thorough details to ensure readers don’t get lost in the text. Good sentence and paragraph structure will be helpful.

Ensure references are mentioned correctly and review citation and bibliography details. There are written samples available for each formatting style to help you compare how to reference and cite your own sources.

Know where you can get good writing examples. Consider your school library, school website, and handbooks on term paper writing and formatting. You may get ideas on how to develop your topic, thesis, and write other parts of your term paper.

A strong conclusion is important and helps bring the whole assignment together. Your main points should be mentioned briefly and consider providing clarity to a main point mentioned previously with an example. Reinstate thesis statement.