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Stress In Academia



In any methodology it is critical to select an instrument that will appropriately research and carry out the aims, missions and goals of the research question and hypothesis. A qualitative investigation of research can be conducted of several academic databases to provide support for the research question and hypothesis. To carry out the bulk of the primary research, however, a quantitative investigation will be carried out to gain further insight into bullying in the workplace. A survey questionnaire methodology is used for purposes of the conducting the research. According to Fowler, a survey, specifically purposed for research, may be the “only way to ensure that all data needed for a given analysis are available and can be related.” Even when there is information provided about some events, it may not be paired with characteristics that are needed and necessary for a desirable analysis. Thus, a survey provides information that can be provided about all desirable variables in many cases and can be the most desirable form of instrumentation. A decision to do a survey must depend on having good components. These include sampling, designing questions and data collection, which are addressed below.

Identifying Populations and Sampling Method

The population method studied included 30 faculty from the (Academic Institution). This included male participants and female participants randomly selected from university faculty staff with the goal of determining whether bullying impacted staff members at the university.

Research Design

The basis of this study is grounded on interpretive theory, as individual perceptions of bullying and experiences of bullying vary according to individual constructs and experiences; thus the interpretive or socially constructive research perspective is utilized as the best method of gaining perspective while considering the survey participant’s interpretation of the context of the research and experiences, rather than objective construction of reality. This research design will help in uncovering individual ways that personal interactions are characterized within the academic culture, and allow the researcher to observe interactions that may be or may not be identified by participants as bullying but can be categorized generally as bullying.

Data Sources/Data Collection Process

This study relies on collection of survey data of 30 full-time male and female faculty attending the Scottish Higher Education Institution. This institution was chosen because of its (a) diverse nature (b) difference in proportion of male to female subcultures and the (c) availability of staff to conduct research. To understand how important culture is related to workplace bullying, two departments within the staff were selected based on the availability of male to female staff members and their status within the academic institution. The criteria for the study participants included full-time status and employment at the institution for one or more years. The goal was to have 15 male and 15 female participants at the higher education institution. The selection criteria allowed for egalitarian comparison, and the small number of study participants allowed for extensive comparison and observation of the interpersonal dynamics of individuals engaging in academic culture and where bullying could be observed. Participants were provided with a survey containing survey questions, consisting of 15 questions related to bullying in the workplace. The participants were given a specific amount of time to complete the questionnaire, each provided with 30 minutes to review and complete each of the questions on the survey. The survey participants will be given an opportunity to ask questions regarding the content of the material provided.

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