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A manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Common Mistakes

When doing any form of College level paper, the requirements are going to be much higher, than high school. High school got you ready, now it is time to put that learning to use, and continue advancing. By the time a student has reached to write their first term paper, the instructors are expecting a much higher quality from the students. Here are three of the most common mistakes people make on these papers. And suggestions on how to fix them.

  1. The Basics
  2. Research
  3. Style

The Basics

Many students do their own editing, and not that it is bad, as some are very good at this. But not always when it is the student’s own paper. When editing your own paper, people tend to read what they meant, and not what is actually there. So for a first editing, this is good, find all that you can. But on an important paper as these are, always get a second view. Have someone else edit the final editing of the paper, and make sure nothing was missed. A misspelled word, or a grammar error can make all the difference between a good paper, and a poor grade. Making sure there are as few as possible makes a big difference, and having none is the best.


Many students will have to do more than one thesis defense, it is common. But if the research is not done effectively, it will be even harder to get one through. This is also true with term papers, and dissertations. Never let an ok research go through without double checking for more relevant information; either newer, or more effective to the topic. Sometimes there are no recent studies, but there is always more relevant data available.


When the instructor, or school says they want a paper in a certain style, make sure the formatting, citing, and every other aspect of that style is correct. This is why having style guides at hand, is always an important point, for any student. Most style guides can be purchased at the school bookstore, some are only online, either way, having them on hand, is an important point. Those online only, print out the sections on paper formatting, citing, and referencing, so they can be looked at regularly. For the rest, keep the site open when working on the paper so you can make a quick search for any needed information, that may pop up.

Writing a term paper

Any ideas or concepts you use while writing should be written clearly. This means try to continue your idea and provide thorough details to ensure readers don’t get lost in the text. Good sentence and paragraph structure will be helpful.

Ensure references are mentioned correctly and review citation and bibliography details. There are written samples available for each formatting style to help you compare how to reference and cite your own sources.

Know where you can get good writing examples. Consider your school library, school website, and handbooks on term paper writing and formatting. You may get ideas on how to develop your topic, thesis, and write other parts of your term paper.

A strong conclusion is important and helps bring the whole assignment together. Your main points should be mentioned briefly and consider providing clarity to a main point mentioned previously with an example. Reinstate thesis statement.